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Since its establishment, the O Del Amenca Roma Cultural Center has had as a priority the empowerment of members of vulnerable communities. Thus, in all our projects, we kept a component of community mobilization and organization through which we wanted a greater civic involvement of community members and the acquisition of a voice in the relationship with local authorities. It is a process that lasts several years and we can say that in the communities we work in (Barcea, Ludeşti, Feteşti, Cărpenişu, Drăgăneşti, Slobozia, Lieşti) we are on the right track. We are convinced that the members of the communities in which we intervene will become active citizens who, together with the authorities, can create an inclusive environment that is so necessary for development.

Project carried out by:

„The project is carried out by the Roma Cultural Center O Del Amenca in partnership with the Institute for Rural Initiatives and benefits from a funding of 213,123.00 euros, through the Active Citizens Fund Romania program, funded by Iceland, Liechtenstein and Norway through the EEA Grants 2014-2021 . The content of this website does not necessarily represent the official position of the EEA and Norwegian Grants 2014-2021; for more information visit www.eeagrants.org. Information about Active Citizens Fund Romania is available at www.activecitizensfund.ro. ”

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According to a World Bank study, nine out of ten Roma live in extreme poverty and face social exclusion. Although projects have been implemented and resources have been invested for Roma inclusion, the situation of localities where there are Roma communities is still serious. (FRA study). We believe that there is a need for an approach based on community organization and mobilization, which allows the “voiceless” to be empowered in relation to local authorities, with those in decision-making positions. Without this project, the members of the interethnic communities where we intervene will continue to be socially dependent, “clients” of social measures, with a victim mentality, perpetuating the vicious circle of poverty.

The project takes place in:

We aim to create an inclusive environment in the four marginalized and insufficiently served interethnic localities, in which the training of vulnerable groups, the promotion of interculturality and the enhancement of diversity are factors that contribute in the medium and long term to the development of these localities.


We intend to organize a series of activities, courses, workshops, events and exchanges of experiences:

Our goals


Increasing the level of knowledge and skills of 63 local leaders and specialists (including Roma)

They will work with the vulnerable population, including Roma, for social inclusion and the provision of quality and inclusive services that respect human dignity.


Empowering 269 vulnerable citizens in terms of community organization

Including increasing self-esteem through information, training courses and awareness of rights, in order to initiate advocacy and civic actions (533 people involved) but also to empower local authorities and institutions in four localities.


Encourage intercultural dialogue by organizing community civic actions

Members of the two ethnic groups representing the communes, Roma and Romanian, will participate in these dialogues, in order to build relations of good understanding, solidarity and common civic responsibility.

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We want the 533 people who will benefit from the project to be not only “beneficiaries” consulted (paternalistic approach) but involved in all activities, to gain ownership over the project implementation process. In the implementation of the project we will have a partner from the Republic of Moldova with a long experience in community and civic organization. Through this partnership we want to exchange experiences but also to take over good practices that we can adapt in the communities where we work.

Workshops for women in Draganesti and Liesti

The Roma Cultural Center Association O Del Amenca, which carries out the EZA-Empowerment, Zuralipe, Abilitare project, organized in Drăgăneşti and Lieşti four workshops attended by

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